Florist. Song

My name is Song, the main florist at the shop, Wild and Birch. 

I’m originally from South Korea and I joined the floral district 7 years ago after I met my husband, Alex. 

I studied floral design in New York City for several years as both a full time designer and as a freelancer focusing mainly on wedding arrangements. 

Using the skills I developed over the years, I then decided to open my own business. It was around this time my husband and I learned we were having a baby boy!

His name is Noah. 😊



Our History

“What made you decide to open your own store on Long Island?” 

My parents-in-law came across a floral shop with a long history in the local area. They were happily serving their community for over 20 years. Having seen the wonderful community, we decided to acquire and modernize the store. 

Orignially I was going to locate my shop in the city. However, after making such wonderful and strong connections in the neighborhood, I feel my shop is well acclimated here. 

I am excited and would love to see more people and have more experiences here.

I like

I love music! I start every morning with positive vibes music.

I have around 30 large and small plants. Yes, in case you couldn't tell, I love plants. 

I love taking photos of my son, Noah, with different themes and scenes. It is so precious to see him to grow up and I cherish every moment I have with him. 

I am very handy and use that with my creativity to help craft all sorts of projects. I have many hobbies utilizing my creativity such as knitting. I also design candles, jewelry, and clothes. 

Cooking is another creative outlet which makes me happy! 

Of course I love expressing my artistic side through painting. 

I’m very interested in interier designs : wallpapers, I love diy funitures, home decor by using recycling elements.

Our goal is

to always deliver our clients a meaningful experience with unique florals at the best price. Please be open with your expectations and we will do everything to meet your needs.